Practical   Hands-Free   Secure

A Crossbody Bag Made For You & Your Phone™

Heather Messal

Owner & Designer


My name is Heather Messal and I’m the creator of ColorPaks™!

I designed the ColorPaks Griffey Bag in 2016 out of personal necessity. I was constantly dropping or misplacing my phone and I needed to keep my phone on me even when I didn't have a pocket to carry it in. Whether I'm traveling, hiking, or out walking my dog, now I never have to worry about where my phone and wallet are. Plus, I have peace of mind, knowing they're safe!

ColorPaks Griffey Bags are Made in the USA, fully adjustable, unisex and available in a variety of colors. My goal is to keep your essentials safe, make you look good and create American jobs. 

How do you use YOUR ColorPaks Griffey Bag? I'd love to hear from you!